Voyages, Avec Warde Et Janoski

Posted on September 19 2013

UNIV Work Shop proudly presents “Voyages”, featuring artwork by Andy Warde and sculptures by Stefan Janoski. Longtime friends and skateboarders, this collaborative show features some of their latest works.  Featuring music by Yovee and DJ set by Chris Cote. The show will take place on September 13, 2013 and run from 6-10 pm.

Andy Warde’s paintings create a webbed and illusional story that cannot be fully grasped with one visual appraisal. Andy combines geometric shapes,  buildings,  people,  animals and even plants as an interpretation of himself. 

Stefan Janoski is known for his skateboarding video parts, global presence and his popular Nike pro-model shoe. His surreal statues in bronze and ceramic are sculpted with incredible detail and will be on display the night of the show.



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