About UNIV

About UNIV:

 UNIV is a coastal concept brand out of Southern CA in the seaside town of Encinitas. Originally created under a streetwear & surf influence based off its core roots in the center of the West Coast scene, UNIV has morphed over time into a lifestyle brand representing Encinitas on a global level. The brand delivers “coast-ready” products authentically rooted in Southern CA and made to be wearable year-round.

 Born here, worn wherever you are.

 About the UNIV Flagship:

 Over the past 12 years, the UNIV flagship store has launched multiple brands, many of which are now household names in the skate, surf, and lifestyle markets worldwide and continues to be a place that incubates like-minded smaller brands next to UNIV’s own seasonal deliveries of limited edition product. In addition to holding it’s own vertical collection, the UNIV flagship store is also is the epicenter of many of San Diego’s most culture-forward events, video openings, and product releases through the outdoor venue space which also houses the highly-sought after Sound Cuts barbershop.


You can visit us at the brand headquarters and showroom here:
1055 South Coast Hwy. Encinitas Calif.
Email: hello@univbrand.com