UNIV Work Shop

The UNIV Work Shop is our own private shaping room, gallery, event space and tinkering factory for making surfboards, denim, apparel, art and more. Located, adjacent to the shop, on the beach in Southern California, it’s a great place to be inspired. The UNIV Work Shop is the home for surfboard shaping collaborations with a variety of high-profile surfers, artists and personalities, including: Christian Hosoi, Benji Weatherley, Chippa Wilson, Dylan Graves, Ryan Burch, Tom DeLonge, Geoff McFetridge, Retna, Andrew Schoultz, Richard Colman, Monica Canilao, Jeremy Fish, Jared Swilley of Black Lips, Jason Jagel, Tim Biskup, Lucy McLachlan, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, Swampy, Ty Williams, Tahiti Pehrson and more.