Montage Vintage - Operation Deep Freeze Vest

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Based in San Diego, Montage Vintage is a concept based around friends coming together on the revival of past goods. 

Fits Boxy M 

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The international Geophysical Year of 1957–58, or IGY, as it was known, marked a turning point in Antarctic exploration. With the IGY, science would become the primary focus of the U.S. presence in Antarctica. Preparing for the IGY, the U.S. Navy launched Operation Deep Freeze 1 in 1955-56 to prepare logistics and basing support in advance of the scientific work. During the IGY, which lasted 18 months, forty nations collaborated to advance world knowledge in myriad scientific disciplines. This international cooperation eventually led to the creation of the Antartic Treaty.

These teams of scientists were issued weather functional gear for their explorations. This vest is one of those. Super interesting signs of wear with authentic tags.